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From nervous to jubilant, Bobby Cox joins the Hall of Fame

from Mark Bowman

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As they were driving toward Florida on Sunday morning, Bobby Cox told Fredi Gonzalez that he was more nervous than he would have been when facing Barry Bonds with the bases loaded.

This year’s annual Winter Meetings were going to be different than any of the countless others Cox had experienced during his distinguished career as a manager and general manager.  Along with providing him a chance to reconnect with the many friends he has gained over the past six decades, this year’s event was going to provide him the opportunity to gain baseball’s ultimate honor.

All of the nervousness and excitement that Cox felt over the past few weeks was replaced with overwhelming joy on Monday morning, when he learned he will be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in July.

“They say when you get elected to the Hall of Fame, it will change your life…

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